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My Current Favorite: Vixskin Mustang by Vixen Creations

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Vixen Creations makes body-safe silicone toys out of their 100% organic platinum silicone.


Mustang: 6.5in x 1.625in (16.51cm x 4.1275cm)

Maverick: 7in. x 2in (17.78cm x 5.08cm)

Material Overview

Both the Mustang and the Maverick are dual density dildos. Pleasure meets function with the firm inner core surrounded by a soft outer layer, mimicking an erection in the flesh. The specially formulated Vixskin 100% organic platinum silicone is soft and squishy making it comfortable to grip within the body. The outer layer of silicone warms and retains body heat, a feature I very much appreciate. The dildo has a solid core inside which provides shape retaining structure for satisfying thrusts. Last, but not least, the nonslip base makes it easy to grip during use.

My Experience

The Mustang was one of the first dildos that we purchased. It is definitely my most comfortable toy and quickly became the favorite dildo that I own. I love everything about it, the give, the curve, the prominent head and ridge, that it is not cold! I was not much of a thruster before the Mustang entered my life. Now I thrust both the Mustang and the Maverick until my arm is too tired to move. The curve allows me to hit my A-spot, G-spot and rub against my clitoris, all of which helps create immensely satisfying orgasms. Adding an internal squeeze during orgasm is a sure way to make me squirt. The smaller size of the Mustang means that other than being turned on, no additional prep is needed. Bigger isn't always necessary, especially when it comes to pounding. I may start out slow, but the Mustang really shines with how easily it can glide at warp speed. The Mustang is more than a toy, it is an orgasm facilitator and friend. He is worthy of a name and travel bag so he can be accessible at all times.

Does size have its benefits though? Yes, yes it does. The Maverick is designed very similarly to the Mustang, just bigger and more pronounced. On paper the Maverick doesn't seem that much larger than the Mustang, only a 1/2 inch (1.27cm) in diameter larger, but to my vagina the difference is very noticeable. I thought that I could handle it because I pushed out two humans, but the Maverick fills me to the point where I need to work up to its glory. To start I insert it and let it fill me while I use a vibe externally for a clitoral orgasm, I 100% recommend this as a way to warm up. Another way I like to prepare is to keep the Mavreick still while I squeeze around its girth until I come, no clit action needed. I must say, this is my favorite way to do kegels. Once I adapt to its size, I start slow, so I can enjoy how acutely aware I am of the head and ridge. This fullness intensifies sensitivity while generalizing sensations. It feels like the Maverick is exactly where I want it to be, which is everywhere all at once. Slowly I pick up the pace to match that of what I use with the Mustang, for an even more satisfying orgasm. I am talking about collapsing on the bed spent kind of orgasm.

Final Thoughts

If you like a party, then invite the Vixskin brothers! Warm up with an orgasm or two or three with Mustang. Then when you are properly warmed up and are too tired to clamp down on the Mustang let the Maverick take over and finish you off with ease.

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