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Seven Days by Ariel Atwell

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Are you a Bridgerton fan? Do you enjoy historical romance but wish there was a little more sex? By the end of Seven Days by Ariel Atwell and you will be squirming in slickness while booking a romantic week at historical estate.

Seven Days was exactly what I was wanting to read. It is well written, great plot, and likeable characters. Within the first few chapters I was turned on and hooked! I read this book in two days never putting it down. I had my kindle propped up while I cooked, and washed dishes. I had it under the pillow as I put my children to bead and I read a chapter making sure that they were fully asleep before sneaking out. I read it out loud while my partner acted out the scenes as if they were instructions. I stayed up late to finish the book and then immediately bought the next one.

Catherine and James were in love and sworn to each other when he went off to war against Napoleon. Unfortunately, shortly after he left news of Catherine's engagement to his cousin reached James, and less than a year later, news of the birth of her first child. James is heart broken and holds the grudge of betrayal against her for years. It is not until the unexpected death of Catherine's husband, 15 years later, that Catherine and James confront each other. Catherine's husband had gambled away his estate and now Catherine must beg James to not let her and her son fall to shambles. James agrees, but he wants revenge. In exchange for forgiving the family debt, he wants Catherine for 7 days. He wants to give her unimaginable pleasure only to break her heart and find closure for himself when the week is over. It is not until James has humiliated and betrayed Catherine that he finds out the truth of what happened on the eve of his departure and confronts his feelings about her.

Seven Days made me light, giddy, and playful. My heart was full and I wanted to pounce on my partner every time I saw him. I was in such a good mood until Catherine's 7th day. From then on my heart ached for her and James as they finally had the conversation that should not have taken 15 years to happen. Although the story does have a happy ending, I was a little disappointed that I was not left in the same euphoric state as earlier in the book.

So if you liked the first season of Bridgerton, but found the book to be a little boring, Seven Days is the book for you. If you have experienced Bridgerton both on film and paper, then you know that the book is different from the show. I feel like the producers took The Duke and I and made it more interesting by adding in scenes from Seven Days. The two books are very similar (Seven Days was written 5 years before The Duke and I), and it would not surprise me if Julia Quinn used Seven Days as inspiration.

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