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Helios by Uberrime

Uberrime makes custom, made to order, luxury toys out of Platinum Silicone. They are a Florida based company who hand makes all of their own sculptures and molds. Uberrime toys are unique, beautiful, and fun. No two are alike.


Head diameter: 1.95” (4.95cm)

Shaft diameter: 1.7” (4.32 cm)

Insertable Length: 6.7 in (17 cm)

Material: Platinum Silicone - Soft 5a


Helios by Uberrime is named after the Greek god of the Sun, a fitting name for a beautiful dildo that makes me feel like a goddess! Helios is made from single density Platinum Silicone that is firm yet squishy. It can bend to find the perfect angle for thrusting or just feel sensual as it gives to my clench around its girth, both benefits I appreciate regularly. Although Helios may be a little chilly upon the initial insertion, silicone is never truly cold and warms quickly within the body. From a design perspective, Helios hits all the pleasure buttons. It has a prominent head to put pressure in all the spots you desire. The head is visually appealing as it is accentuated by a deep notch where it meets the shaft. The long shaft is adorned with ridges that are twisted into a swirl and culminate in a flare at the wide base. The base is sturdy and flat, but it does not have an integrated suction cup. However, do not let this be a major drawback (for reasons I’ll discuss later). Last, but not least, Helios is simply beautiful! All Uberrime toys are fuckable pieces of art that should be collected and displayed.

My Experience:

I have had the pleasure of owning Helios for over two years now, and a pleasure it has been. Helios is on the girthy and textured side of my collection so I like to be well primed before reaching for him. Upon first sight, Helios does not look intimidating despite being large. Maybe it is the way that the different colored silicones have been poured together that they camouflage the texture and size. The visually inviting nature of Helios draws me to him and the features I so dearly love.

Let’s talk about those features. First, those shaft ridges…do they add pleasure or are they distracting? The answer is, it depends. At first, I was not sure if I liked the swirl or not. It is a lot of texture if you are used to smooth shafted toys. With any new texture it can take some time to get used to it. For me personally, it also greatly depends on how turned on and primed I am. If I am still in the foreplay stage, but am too impatient to wait, then the ridges are more noticeable and can over stimulate to the point of distraction (a clear case of user error). However, when I’m fully primed and dripping wet from my own excitement, then the ridges add an immense amount of pleasure. While thrusting I feel the ridges running through my lips teasing my opening before the head pushes against my g-spot. As an added bonus, the ridges are perfect to rub on my clit for external stimulation. They provide enough sensation while the softness of the silicon prevents over stimulation.

Next up is that prominent head…is it too much? The answer is a resounding no. It puts just the right amount of pressure on my g-spot. The head is smooth, so I can glide it easily inside me, feeling the pressure stimulate all along my insides. I must give a word of caution, due to the quick change in size between the neck and head of Helios it can create a momentary feeling of being stuck and then create a “pop” when pulled out fully. This is not a bad feeling, just something to be aware of.

Lastly, one feature that I think shouldn’t be overlooked is the large base of Helios. Some dildos have thin or narrow bases that make it difficult to hold on to. While this may not be an issue for some, I am a speed thruster, so a base that I can grip well is highly appreciated. Helios certainly delivers in this regard. The wide, thick base makes it possible for me to effectively grip and thrust Helios. It even provides enough room for me to use two hands to thrust when one arm starts getting tired before I cum.

One quick side note, although Helios does not have an integrated suction cup, he works beautifully with a double-sided suction cup adapter. I have been able to successfully use one to ride Helios on the edge of the tub or against the shower door.

My Technique:

With Helios, I like to start slow, savoring the way that the head puts pressure on my g-spot, making it swell with arousal. My muscles hug around the notch at the top of the shaft while his head fills me. The notch also sort of locks Helios inside, and I sometimes like to tease my opening with the added pressure that is required to fully get over the head. As I start with slow thrusts and Helios slides in and out of me, I am acutely aware of every inch of him. The combination of initial pressure from the large head then quickly followed by the sensations that the ridges provide build me towards orgasm oh so well. As I feel my pussy relax to Helios’ size, I begin to increase the speed and depth of my thrusts. At this point I am able to thrust Helios with the same intensity that I use for some of my smaller dildos.

While I often like to lie down when playing with a dildo, I’ve found that in a seated position I can better bend Helios up to rub the ridges against my clit while I thrust. Due to his size and flexibility, I do not notice any decrease in pressure on my g-spot while bending the shaft. In fact, I feel the head slide from my g-spot to the internal branches of my clit. The pleasure this brings is immense.

I quickly build towards orgasm with some fast, deep thrusting. To take the experience a step further, when I am on the verge of orgasm I pull Helios out and transition to vigorously rubbing his shift along my clit and opening. This is sure to make me erupt into a deep and intense squirting orgasm. This is the type of orgasm that every woman should experience.

Final Verdict:

Helios, like the sun god of his namesake, will sit on a throne after making you feel like a goddess! Just as with any time spent basking in the sun’s rays, preparation is key to a good time. So, warm up before inviting Helios to drive your chariot across the sky. Soon you will be joining Helios for a daily celestial experience.

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