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Why Sex Additives?

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Toys, jewelry, and lingerie are fun accessories to any relationship. A little wink, smerk, or flash puts a smile of anticipation on my partner's face and a secret confidence boost for me. The more that I experiment with toys the more I enjoy them. It is about self exploration so that I can communicate to my partner a deeper understanding of what gives me pleasure.

Our bodies are constantly changing and regenerating, but certain experiences make that change more pronounced. After going from "breed me" to " bred" my body was was a stranger to me. After the birth of my first child I literally asked the nurses where my abs were. It's no secret that after pregnancy our bodies are different, a little softer, a little looser.... except for milk boobs, those things are giant rocks! Our hormones are different too, and it's not just after pregnancy, they change many times during our lives. This gives us the unique experience of relearning our bodies and what makes them feel good. If you are in this boat, take a deep breath, make sure that everyone is safe, and then take some time for you.

Use your imagination, your fingers, and then extras. Explore your wonderful new body. Do you still like the same touches, pressure, strokes? Fall in love with yourself, your body, and your partner over and over again.

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